phat beats from the true "underground" 


i was in a small movie theatre mostly populated with youth. for some reason, before the movie ended, all of them got up and left. as they left, i noticed two upright lamps standing in the corner of the theatre. they were bent forward. the bulbs in them had melted through the shades.

skip to...

my brother and i stood outside some room where we knew some demon was inside. when we opened the door, i could hear "exorcist" type voices screaming as razor-sharp CD's flew across the room. only my brother could enter in safely and not get harmed by the deadly CD's. i huddled in the doorway trying to dodge the CD's. in the room, there were a bunch of chairs facing the source of the voices. as i looked into the room i saw two of my friends huddled in between one of the rows of chairs--watching in fascination as some movie was being projected on the wall. some white guy sat in the back talking on his cell phone. apparently, he too, was immune to the flying CD's. all of sudden, i heard hip hop beats playing. it was as if whatever demonic entity that was in the room was trying to use music to entice people to come in. i started to clown the devil by throwing my hands up in the air as if i were at some hip hop show. i kept shouting,

"go devil! go devil!"

i woke up laughing...