"look kids, big ben, parliament!" 

"all right, already! i know!"

great. she's killing me with the "tough love" shit. I just wanted to point out to her his exit off the freeway. i never liked driving by it by myself since we split up. for some reason, though, i always felt impelled to point it out as a "been there, done that... i can't believe how many times i exited here to go to his house" thing. she smelled it. she smelled the absolute lameness of it all. that's it, i decided. i'm never driving on the 2 freeway again. i'm taking surface streets. besides, who needs to hang out in eagle rock, anymore? it was on its way to becoming the next yuppified horror.

"look. you'll find a new exit to take off the freeway, someday." huh. she's trying to be nurturing and supportive, now. unbelievable.

screw that, i thought. i should hawk my car and join the busrider's union.