who's your favorite beatle? entry 5150 

anthony couldn't listen to "wings." it reminded him of the night he tried to drink drano and his ex-girlfriend had called the cops. they no longer lived together at the time, but somehow she knew something was up. "extra-sensory perception," she explained. whatever. he cringed at how that traumatic night of (melo)drama had "mull of kintyre" as the running soundtrack on obsessive repeat. he remembered how drama always had to be accompanied by the pathetic/fantastic. somehow, he had momentarily overcome bouts of crying, doubting his manhood and contemplating death in order to carry on phone conversations with some russian grad student looking for a roommate. he must have forgotten that looking for new housing could not possibly follow a successful suicide attempt. this memory, he would only share with the most trusted friends. he wanted to avoid the chance of having the dreaded epitaph mark his life: "he's got had issues." who the hell doesn't, he thought?